End of Another chapter of life

Today, i am leaving the job that i have started three years ago… My circumstances and responsibilities have made me take this step and leave a place that taught me so much.. I have spent the best days of my Life over here… 

Made friends… Had enemies… Laughters… Tears …unlimited memories…. As a last good bye i would just like to thank God for giving me this experience… I hope this journey stays in my memory here always… The people here remain my people forever… I wish i never repeat the mistakes that i made here and i take oath i will always always remember this place for all that it has given me… I was blessed to walk on these steps and i am even more blessed to be given something more bigger and better that made me leave this place… 

May i never regret my decision of leaving this place and the reward that is promised to me get to be so good that i love my decision of leaving..: 

Wish me luck… 

Live and let live… 



2 thoughts on “End of Another chapter of life

  1. monochromejunkie says:

    Beautiful post, Faari. It’s a rare thing these days to see people give God thanks openly- here in the U.S. it’s not so common. Sad, huh? But I love to see that and see your heart in this post. May all of your dreams come true and the desires of your heart filled. x

    • fakhiraaziz84 says:

      Thankyou…. Yeah luckily i have got so many things to thank god for and still he has given million more things to thank him for … May everyone can find atleast something in their life to b thankful for.. Ameen

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