Iphone 6 Plus.. A review



After a long long time… I am super excited… coz i bought my dream phone that is Iphone 6 Plus. wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

I was planning to buy this phone since i had iphone 5, but couldn’t decide, that should i spend my saving on just a phone or i should something more, or i should save my money for the rainy days…

But, Unfortunately last week, my phone fell down, and made me extremely depressed, i was already a bit angry with me for not buying I phone 6, and than i even broke the screen of Iphone 5 too…

I was Devastated for two days, thought about every possible thing to make me happy, but nothing was cheering me up. As all i wanted right now was a new shint Iphone 6 Plus.

So, finally, after thinking like a million times, i have bought my iphone 6 Plus

and wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I am on skyyyyyyyyyy….

I am super excited 😀

Though i am a little scared as i basically am a careless person but still i am happy and have my fingers crossed that nothing happens to my Iphone 6.

Well, here i think i should share some of the things that i love about it, and if anyone’s on the same page as i was before, buying it, you go girl, go buy it and rock the world, as you deserve it, you have earned it and nothing’s better than having an awesome accessory in your hand.



  • The size makes you feel the king and I6 the Queen in your hand
  • Screen Savers for iphone 6 plus available in apps are  awesome.
  • The battery timing is as long as life (i mean it can easily take two days if used wisely)
  • No Chance of Virus Ever…
  • and Lastly……Its Classy


  • A bit Difficult to carry in hand while doing house chores
  • Screen’s are extremely sensitive and can be broken in first fall
  • expensive; I mean really really expensive

But as far as i know

being an iphone lover, no matter what is its cost, no matter what it is, coz the end result after spending so much money is worth it… and will make you glad everytime you would even think about it.










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