Wanna make her Smile… Shop for her

Shoping is the only thing that better the mood of a woman,

You wanna propose her… take her for shopping

You wanna end the fight…. buy her favorite cosemtics for her

you wanna brighten her smile…. gift her some clothes….

Being a woman, i believe shopping is the only solution to all woman’s problems. Its the best anti-depressant for her… Its the best vitamin Supplement and its the best apology style that would be accepted even before asking…

The only thing that make my worst days into best are the days when i buy stuffs for me… and it keeps me happy for days and days … than i again get anxious and i shop more…

Lately, i have bought a bag, i was finding for since so long. I wanted to buy a bag that doesnt even depict my class but also is comfortable and spacious. As i am a working woman, my bag has to be stylish and should be the one which makes all the stuff i need for the whole day available to me.


therefore, after searcing hundred’s of shops i have finallt found my dream bag… the color i wanted and the space and the brand Lime Light in just the price i thought it should be. Yes $22 only.

I cannot express my happiness and gratitude and i believe it happened coz i knew since long that my perfect bag will come to me at the right time and right place.. and it actually did… well i am less of a believer.. but than sometimes, universe reminds me again that whatever u wish for and believe, will come to you at the right time…

I just hope that it’d be true for all of my dreams and your dreams.

live and let live.



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