My interview with A famous magazine


Last night I dreamt that I became the most famous and successful writer of Pakistan. Journalists are dieng to take appointments and write down what I say… so I thought I better publish it here… so if someday, hopefully, my dream comes true, I shall refer them here.

  1. Star and date of birth

Capricorn , 1st jan

  1. The best thing about being a teenager

Living with parents, being free

  1. I was always listening to

Soft romantic music

  1. I was glued to the tv for

Johnny quest, tom & Jerry

  1. My favourite movie was


  1. My favourite actor was

Sunny deol, shahrukh khan

  1. My favourite book was

Mano salwa

  1. My friends were

Always one at at time

  1. My room was full of


  1. My room wall carried the posters of

Shahid afridi , If I could

  1. My closet was full of


  1. What hurt me the most

Every time someone lied to me

  1. My dream was to become a


  1. I wish I had known than

No one can love me the way I want

  1. Relationship with siblings

Very strong

  1. My school was

Sir Syed School

  1. Ragging at college/university

Nothing. I survived it

  1. I couldn’t stand


  1. My favorite hangout


  1. My favorite super hero was


  1. My favorite sport was


  1. My favorite pastime was


  1. I was scared of

Falling from height

  1. Message for the readers

You can be everything you can… just don’t stop trying.


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