Dreams … any reality????

i often see different dreams and i dont know what it is about so i though i should share these with you and if you have any opinion on that … you would guide me with that….


well, since my childhood i see a dream where i have lost my shoes….in different places and different spots.. losing a shoe? seriously?… and that makes me freak out like anything in my dream…. its more than losing a diamond set for me in my dream… whereas i hope if that happens in reality … ill be less than concerned about it…. than why do i lose a shoe? and it makes me scared in my dreams??


second, and the most scary dream is i have fallen… well, i can say that, its somewhat of my phobia… but i am not scared of falling from bed… that i mostly dream about… i am scared of falling from heights…. i cannot stand heights… but my dreams are always about falling from the bed, 2nd step of stair etc… wierdo rightt???


lizards… yes i saw lizard sometimes and this the creepiest dream i see… i get scared and than i get up before the lizards attack me or something. i am always sweating and crying when im up.

i dont know wht does all of these dreams mean and how to stop thses… please tell if you know about any of it…



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