Am i useless?

lately all i can think is … i am uselss… i dont have even a single word to write… my thoughts are just too scattered and i serously cant find a topic to write on even… just dont know… what would make me start writing again… it seems like… i am stuck… and i am not gonna go anywhere from here for the rest of my life…

please pray for me guys… i feel like im loosing my mind…


19 thoughts on “Am i useless?

  1. wolkenbeobachterin says:

    hi there, you are neather useless, nor lost. it might be a moment of confusion right now, but you’ll see, it is just a moment. go outside, watch people, watch nature, talk to people. watch children. dogs. cats. eat ice-cream. smile. you are strong. you have power. sometimes it is like that for everybody – it feels like, there is nothing to say. and a few days later you will notice: this was important to build space inside, for new things, insight and joy. all the best for you.

  2. D. Wallace Peach says:

    And so with nothing to write…you wrote. People read and were moved enough by your writing to comment. Be gentle with yourself, and just write. Make lists, describe the room where you sit, the sights out your window, the feelings inside you. Do it without judgment, and amongst all the jibberish you will find your voice.

    • fakhiraaziz84 says:

      D. Wallace…. U made my day.. I mean week… I mean month… Oh i guess u made my life… Its been so long that i was thinking no one wants to know whT i feel about morality or if i can write or not. Or if my laziness in proof reading is annoying u guys or not… But thankyou thankyou thankyou.. U r my angel…. I am so humbled and over whelmed and so on and so on… Ill try keep writing on…

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