Thanklessness…. Bites me 

As humans, i often wonder are we engraved with the habit of running after material things. I myself have never stopped after blessed with one thing. 

Lets start with the childhood, i used to have a doll house, but whenwver i went to market i needed another doll. At that time, the doll that i already possess had no worth for me. All i wanted was the new glittery pink doll. And the moment i actually got new doll i even forgot that i had one of them at home. That was gone to basket first and than to the dustbin. 

Same thing happened with all of the things i had. My clothes, my shoes, my makeup products etc. 

today, when i sit in front of the mirror, i keep on thinking… Why do we like new things. Why do we get bore of the old things and what is the reason that we cant ever be satisfied with the things we are blessed with. I see here amd there and see the unmarried people are unhappy with being single. Married are unhappy with the responsibility of marriage. Rich is not happy because he is not getting more. Poor is unhappy becuase he isnt getting any. 
Well, are their any people left who are happy being themselve??? Are there anyone left, who thinks being a human with all five senses working and being able to eat food three times a day is not less than any biggest achievement???? And u r among the 20% population of the world ???


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