Morality… where did u flew




Morality… where did you flew

I am the daughter of villagers. My parents when sit with me, told me the stories of 1950s. When they get back into that time, all they talk about is Simplicity, Sincerity, Honesty and Faithfulness.

My mom tells me that there were times when in their village, everyone was so poor. They could hardly afford bread alone to eat. But if one of them is eating bread than they used to make it sure that every family in village had bread and none of them sleeps hungry.

She says, if she knew that one family doesn’t have anything to eat at night, she’d personally go to every family and ask them to contribute one piece of bread each for them so by the end of the day they all can have dinner too.

I wonder what times were they when more than their own hunger, people were concerned of other’s hunger too.

She moreover adds that if someone was sick in the village they used to visit them daily and they would anything in their own power to not leave the family alone. And do not let them feel alone.

Mom says, if anyone of the village has got job (a low level job means a driver with some rich man in the city, or a clerk at some lawyers office) they would all rejoice it and they would celebrate it the way as if he would be earning for all of them. They had thought that this one boy would change the life of the whole village. She says at that time, there was no concept of jealousy, dishonesty, bad will or anything. They were the times when cherishing others happiness was more important than praying for their own happiness.

Well, well, well…. Let me open my eyes… and yeah its 2015. Where I know people who hate me because, I am not hungry.

I know people who whole-heartedly wish that everyone who is earning well in the family gets fired, die or suffers a heart attack.

We more than our own happiness, are willing/wishing for other’s sadness. I guess the time Im living in, there are more of the people who instead of teaching their own child, wants others children to suffer who are somewhat cuter and intelligent than their kids.

I have literally witnessed people, actually getting excited for other’s loss.

I have seen people, praying for the pain of their own siblings who are better than them. Richer than them or happier than them.

I just wonder what has changed us so much in just 50 years. Now, as I know, the only thing people hate about me is I am prettier than them. Well, I didn’t make myself pretty. I had no control over the way I look. It is the way god wanted me to be.

I wonder why we can’t be happy with our own selves. I believe as badly as we want others to agonize, if we had desired for and worked for our own success with same passion we would be on the top of the world.

If we could only be happy on others happiness, success and wealth how satisfied we would be. Well, as long as I know, I can never live happily if all I can think is of others misery. Then I believe I am inviting the same misery to myself. And one day I will fall in the same well I am digging for others.

Well in my opinion the only way to be happy is to be there for others, when they are happy. Try to focus only on the ways where you can fix your miseries instead of focusing on the ways to ruin others happiness. Hearts and souls can never be content after longing for others sorrows. Only those get to have peaceful sleep that is faithful and sympathetic to others.

Therefore, Live and Let Live.



13 thoughts on “Morality… where did u flew

  1. moondustwriter says:

    If only the people with all the answers would consider: 50 years ago people cared, took care of each other and things were better (not because of money but because of the heart of man). I just wrote a poem about the destruction of beauty.

  2. E. Rawls says:

    It is very sad how things have changed, and continue to change. Compassion is fading away, but like you said I wish people would focus on the happiness of others and be happy for them, instead of being bitter.

  3. jannatwrites says:

    The contrast between then and now is sad (and disturbing.) We should never rejoice in someone else’s pain or sorrow, and that people would hope that for others makes me heart sick. I do pray that kindness and compassion won’t grow completely cold.

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