I am sorry

We often apologize for things we have done to others…
For our mistakes …
For our wrong decisions
For our petty issues

But today

I want to apologize to my ownself…

For all those moments when I let myself down

For all those occasions when I let others degrade me

For the things I have put myself through

I am extremely sorry today for my ownself for there were several times when I have taken myself my wishes my desires forgranted and gave priority to others.
I apologize … To myself that there were times when I ignore my self respect and self esteem and let other people take advantage of my leniency

I regret for all those moment when I have taken myself lightly and than made other think that I am worthless ..

The worst mistake that we do in our lives are to make other’s a priority and think of us as an option …

Our fear that we will lose people if we would stop them from misbehaving with us or from taking us forgranted, just to keep them on our lives … Is actually nothing but another mistake … Coz if these people wouldn’t stay with us while respecting us … Trust me they won’t be with us while disrespecting us …

If we think that our friends, family and other relations would not stay with us if we would tell them the way to treat us … Than they better don’t stay with us … Coz there staying with us has no meaning if the only thing they could give us is pain, stress and humiliation …

So for one day … Just one day stop and look back at your life and see where has ur compromises taken u so far and where would they take u in coming days ..

Life will not give u an option while giving things to u … But yeah u can select what you want to keep and what you want to let go in order to live a happy n prosperous life …

Life can be lived once … Live it to the fullest … Leave the fears and compromises behind…



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