One of my experience just made me realize it today…

if you wanna grow in life…. If you want to achieve something… if on the last day of your life you want to look back and smile for things you have done…

what you have to do today would be…

stop looking back and move on. The things that are gone are actually gone. They won’t ever come back. No matter how badly you cry or no matter how long you pray for them. If they are gone, they were meant to go and they won’t ever come back. If you wanna break yourself on that… break yourself today, so that after a week, fortnightly or after a month, you can stand up, pick up your pieces, glue them and get ready to go on life.

From now onwards, I made a promise to myself. I would never attach any of my expectations to the humans of this world. For expectations should only be attached to goals. People aka humans are in no position to give you any sort of happiness.

And yeah I realize, when people say they don’t care, TRUST ME, they don’t. Stop looking at them for the answers that you and heart give from them. And trust it. They mean exactly what they are saying today.

If they say, that, time has passed, trust me, it has. There is nothing left to be searched. Trust me; Once the things have changed they are changed forever. And the best favor to your own self would be, realize it that things are not going back to the way they were before.

Yeah, only thing that can happen is you sitting on the same place and dreaming about it for the rest of your life


You realizing the reality this time and pick up your pieces and give yourself a reason to smile last day by doing something better.

The Choice is yours.


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