Money Honey… Why can’t I live without you

money-troublesThe world has changed so rapidly since my childhood. I remember when I was a child, happiness was mom’s love, it was big brother’s jokes. It was playing hide n seek with all the siblings. Happiness was parent’s praising us for our good works and not scolding us for the mistakes we have done. Happiness was chips n chocolates. Happiness was sleeping in mom’s lap. Happiness was getting stars on homework books and getting reward from daddy for these stars. Life was not like that for me only, but for almost everyone around me life was pretty same. Petty things used to make us happy and nothing made us cry. Life was just a bed of roses for all of us.

But when we started growing, happiness became more and more and more precious and out of all the things we had, we hardly found anything that can make us happy. We start running after “Things” and we do not stop and think about happiness. Now, when I see people around me, they want wealth, car, House, Money, Job. And I can’t decide why happiness started depending on material things?

Why mom’s laps are empty now. Why fathers spend most of their time in their rooms alone?

What changed us so much?

Why we can understand that true love is relationships. True happiness is making others happy with simple n small deeds. The world does not need any more wealth but kind people. Who can understand the problems of those who are underprivileged?

Buying a car for yourself must make you happy for some moments.

But buying food for the people who didn’t have food for their children would take you far far above than the happiness of buying a car.

Becoming happy is our right and we all are striving for it. But let’s for a moment, step aside and think about other things to make yourself happy than buying wealthy stuff.

Open endeavors for others and the doors of happiness would open on you automatically.

Spread Love. Spread Kindness.


6 thoughts on “Money Honey… Why can’t I live without you

  1. says:

    Profound…and bites the senses: “Why mom’s laps are empty now. Why fathers spend most of their time in their rooms alone?” There is so much truth in what you write. I do not know which country you live in…I am suspecting it is the USA….and we are going through a transformation in this country. We have to look to helping each other more…and focus less on greed…that is for sure. For me, I see happiness is not so important…now that I am old and gray, I long for peace and contentment. I would be happy to have a simpler life…less things…just a roof over my head and an empty room with a rice mat. Being with those I love and care about has taken the front seat for me. Your writing is good and your thoughts are good to read for me…it is nice to know someone else is thinking this! I am sure there are many more but maybe not everyone writes it. And I do think it needs to be written to remind us. Well done!

    • fakhiraaziz84 says:

      thanku thankuuu thankuuuu … oh my God… i never knew someone would like it so much…. i am over whelmed…

      I live in Pakistan.. we have family setups and all i want in my life is the same… we are going to become USA in some 100 years but right now, you wont believe how close i am to my parents. i am married and i go to my home every 15th day.
      the first thing that my father tells me is, i am having pain in my legs. i often take off my shawl in a second. take up the bottle of olive oil and massage him for some 50 60 minutes. than he gets satisfied and meanwhile we talk about all of the things in the world. whatever is happening with maternals, paternals and how is his health etc.
      So, basically i love the concept of cherishing the loved ones instead of car, bangalows and foods. i Just so wish you get some of your loved ones to be like that. you made my day by liking my blog… i am extremely motivated. loads of love from Pakistan

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