Curses… That I Get without Deserving…

I am taking hell long breaks in writing another blog coz I am trying extremely hard to not write anything negative anymore. As the whole set of blogs that I have written make me feel sick of the negativity I am spreading. But today one more thing happened that made me write one more negative blog.

Curse, Curse, Curse…

It’s been two three months that all I can hear is curses for me. I don’t know what I have done to get so many curses so easily.

One of my friends that I have mentioned in my last blog, betrayal often curses me that may this happens to you. May that happen to you?  And this usually is, as I am happily married and have got awesome in laws and awesome relationships with my husband, so the curse always is, may u get divorced, may ur husband betray you, may you kicked out of your house etc.

Ahhh… my father has some property issues with my paternal relatives. They are not vacating the place that my father owns. So when my father confronted them, they in return them, they in return said may ur daughter Fari gets thrown out of her house. May she will suffer so that you would know the pain etc etc. well I don’t know if my father is right or they are, but please someone tell me, is there anything I have to do in it? Anything at all? If you want to curse someone why do you always have to found someone else’s shoulder? Curse him directly.

Now today, my sister had a fight with one of our relatives and then again the woman started cursing me while fighting my sister and thought that is the best and easiest way to hurt my sister and my parents.


I, whenever hear about these stories, keep on thinking for days and nights, that if God forbid sometimes Allah really have listened to these curses, what would happen to me? If god forbid just one curse got heard by Allah, what would I do? … I am sometimes terrified, sometimes angry and sometimes very very hurt for those people. Who could not have saved there selves from the miseries coz of their deeds and now they want all others to pay the way they paid. I just want you all guys whoever is reading to pray for my happiness and please I beg you to pray that may nothing ever happens to the relationship of me and my husband as I don’t want my parents to see this pain at this last age. And as far as I know none of my family member has ever thought ill about others.  Please remember me in ur prayers guys. It’s difficult living in this world without prayers


20 thoughts on “Curses… That I Get without Deserving…

  1. monochromejunkie says:

    Pleasure to meet you. :0) You and I share differences in our religions and beliefs, but we share similarities too. Who you call Allah, I call God. :0) But, He is the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob- so I think we are talking about the same Deity. ;0) I believe Jesus is God’s Son, and that He is alive and lives in my heart. Not everybody does, but that is what I believe. I respect others’ beliefs too, of course!

    I’m really sorry to hear about your current situation with people/family, etc. cursing you. I think that’s a cultural thing. In your Country, and with your people, it’s pretty standard. But here in the U.S., not so much. People may cuss AT you, but few people actually “curse you” here. That’s because culturally speaking, people here in the U.S. aren’t near as devoted religiously as in your culture.

    I’d like to encourage you though. Keep this in mind: God/Allah will not punish you for somebody else’s angry words. God/Allah measures our hearts, does He not? If a person is angry and hateful, 10,000,000 angry hateful words can be screamed up to Heaven, but if that person has evil intentions when he or she “curses you”, then it will be like a poisonous arrow that will fly into their OWN bosom. Keep in mind, in Proverbs there are Scriptures that talk about people “digging a pit for others, but they end up falling into it themselves”. God/Allah will not be persuaded by carnal, sinful, angry hateful mouths. Remember that! He is a LOVING God. He will give you good or evil according to your OWN doings. Not somebody else’s hate. Ok?

    I’ve had people curse me too- out of anger. But let me tell you- they ended up falling into their own pit! Your challenge is to try and forgive that person still. It doesn’t mean you have to be best friends, or even talk to them again. But in your heart, you must forgive him or her for their hateful, vengeful words against you. You will be the bigger person for it. Always remember, nobody can ever push your buttons- unless you allow them too. ;0) I wish you all the best! x

      • fakhirafahad84 says:

        In asia we have got family setups that are inseperable. Dependence is a huge concept here and living without family even toxic is not possible. Though it is not a good thing but even not a too bad thing as our strength is sticking to our bonds and that makes life less difficult than west.

      • monochromejunkie says:

        You’re right.

        Although I don’t have any first-hand family experiences with Asia and your people/culture, I was raised up in the Old Testament, so, many of (our) predecessors are recorded in there, and their lives and family dynamics/ relationships, etc. So I’ve read about them for 30+ years, and have studied them. What you’re saying is true: your family values and your entire family system is so much stronger- like a tightly knit garment- than Americans. This much I know! And arguments and getting angry isn’t enough to break your family bonds. You guys have some incredibly strong family networking systems where your word MEANS something. I do wish more families here were like that. Unfortunately, it’s just the opposite.

      • richmx2 says:

        You sound like us here in Mexico … a culture stereotyped for both the people’s great patience and politeness, and our inventiveness in extravagant cursing. 🙂 Perhaps the two are related… patience is a virtue,but none of us are as virtuous as we’d like, and out of frustration take it out in our language. As Mark Twain (who was known to be less than decorous in his personal speech) once said, “When angry, count to ten. When very angry… swear!” By the way, I promised to send a copy of a Mexican history to the 300th follower of my site… which you are. My email address is richmx2 (at) live (dot) com.

  2. fakhirafahad84 says:

    we actually cherish the family bonding. that is the reason, none of our family member end up living alone or in old age houses. we live with our family and die in front of them so, cutting up some people coz of the curses is pretty difficult

  3. Lynda says:

    I once had a terrible problem with my boss and she was treating me badly at work in front of the other staff and our customers. Another friend, when I told her what was going on, told me this:

    “When someone hurts you, then you must forgive them and pray for them. Ask God to forgive them and to help them heal inside.”

    I thought she was nuts to tell me this and I didn’t do it for many months. One day when I couldn’t take it anymore I offered up a simple prayer Him. He, God, knows everything about our hearts, our fears, and our suffering. You know He does. So pray for those who would want to hurt you, ask Him to heal their hearts and minds. Never fear that God will allow their curses to hurt you. It is not his way.

    Always remember, those who would curse you and wish you harm are obviously not very happy or secure in their own lives.

  4. Harbans says:

    Nobody’s curses can have any impact on us till such time we accept them as such. One day a man unnecessarily cursed Lord Budha,the personage asked that person; if you want to given me something and I refuse taking, in that case who would hold that thing. The person concerned replied; mine. The sage too interjected; that is what I want to say. The curses/abuses you hurl at me, I refuse to take hence these are yours for the taking.
    Hence those who curse you’ll receive these in the similar manner one day.

    Nicely worded write up really.

  5. Saint In Training says:

    I followed your link from my blog (thank you so much for the follow!!) and of course saw your latest post. I pray you are doing better since you first posted this and that healing has begun to take place. I am praying for you and will continue to do so that God will bring peace to you as well as to your family. Just know that God does not honor such curses. He is a God of love, forgiveness and infinite kindness. When life and people get to be too much for me I refocus – I cease looking ‘around’ me at whatever the situation and instead I look up!

    Although we are of different cultural backgrounds and different faiths we are of one mind I think. God is good! He does not honor evil. Please rest and know that no curse will hurt you. Be blessed and know that God is *for* you not against you, no matter what anyone says!

    Blessings and Love,

    • fakhirafahad84 says:

      awwww Rebecca… u made me extremely happy. extremely extremely extremely…. i cannot thank you enough for your words. its a morning in office and the moment i read your message…i cannot feel anything but happiness happiness happiness. I love you and u really made me love Allah once again. when i wrote it i seriously was so depress and was angry and irritated on people. but than i wrote it and got all the blessings from all of you. Love it
      Lots of Prayers for you.

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