Celebrating a Week of negativity

I have often seen people celebrating 100 days of happiness or 100 days of joys etc., but I guess for the time being all can share with you guys is negativity.

My last post was betrayal, before that it was theft and before that it was scratching glitter from gold. And still after a week I don’t have anything nice to share, all I have in me is the negativity thrown by others at my plate. I am trying trying trying to count many good things that are happening in life and it’s not like that all I am coming across is sadness and despair. But I guess, we humans are thankless by nature and we don’t easily get carried away with the positive feelings but the negatives. Our minds are often consumed with the negative things more than positive n as far as I am concerned, I guess it is understood now … I see the cup half empty…

So there is one more blog in the name of negativity here. Well the reason behind it is a friend, who was close some time ago. And as I trust everyone I tried to share everything I could. And now she is using all these things against me. I still can’t believe it that she who pretended to be close to me, went to all others and used all the things I used to share to get me insulted, or fired from my job, or making the colleagues hate me. Well, as Allah Kareem is always on the side of truth, so when the time came she got opened up in front of everyone. And my colleagues, who trusted her, became my good friends after knowing her reality. She was insulted, ridiculed and lost her credibility.

My name got cleared and I am still the person I was, with all the respect and position I had. Though, I was never worried about her deeds or her intentions… all my problem was and still is… I keep on thinking why did she have to cheat on me, we work at the same place and we have almost got same positions. She already is working better than me. Than what was the need of creating much trouble? Why do people do bad things to you when you have never done anything to provoke them or to make them feel the need of showing their true faces?

People try to snatch things from you that are given to you by fate and they think they really can. Whereas the truth is, we always get in life what is destined to be ours. Be it respect or be it insult… be it love or be it hatred.

No one can steal your relations from you. All they do in this petty idiotic attempt is … lose you and be alone. So, better give thanks on what you have and stop envying people for nothing’s sake.


10 thoughts on “Celebrating a Week of negativity

  1. monochromejunkie says:

    I’ll answer your question. Why did she do all of those things against you? Because she was envious of you. She saw something in your face, your character, your eyes or heart that she didn’t have. People who lack moral uprightness, hate those of us who HAVE it. Pity her.

    As far as negativity goes, I’ve just split with my guy of 8 years (on and off). My heart is smashed. Believe me, it’s not hard to see “negative things” right now! But keep this in mind too, here in “bloggie-land”, people can be totally fake. They want to write about marshmallow realities, and rainbows and daffodils and hearts flying out if their ears when they breathe- sorry, that’s not my reality! I live in the real world where you run out of toilet paper and cars get flat tires and people split up. Just because it’s painful doesn’t have to mean it’s “negative”. So, continue being REAL. 🙂 People relate to that. x

    • fakhirafahad84 says:

      I agree but than words doesnt flow the way they do in real life.. and i like to write what is coming from the core of yout heart… Anyways … Hope you get over with the mishap soon.ameen

      • monochromejunkie says:

        Thanks. :0) Not sure if you read my other comment, but my guy and I have only been split up for 2 weeks now, not a year. it’s still really all brand new “fresh pain”. Nobody flushes it all away in two weeks! I don’t think that’s healthy. it’ll take a good few months to begin to heal,. Everybody is different, and for me, that’s the best way. Taking ‘time” to go through the letting go process so that it’s a sure thing, and not wishy-washy or uncertain. I hear what you’re saying about writing! it does flow from the core easily sometimes when we write; different story in person sometimes, eh? ;0) I like your style though. I appreciate your honesty in your posts. x

      • fakhirafahad84 says:

        Glad to hear that n yeah i read the other comment as well. I didnt know its just two weeks. Well two weeks are actually nothing when u r going through a rough patch. I can understand. May u get over with it soon

  2. fakhirafahad84 says:

    Im so glad that you have seen positive in all of my negative blogs. that shows how positive you urself are. i just hope I can be like you and start noticing the goods in all bads. Keep Reading Please. Some more stuff is Coming.
    Have a Good Day 🙂

  3. famfaithfun says:

    Such is life. We meet people every where we go, some would love and adore you and others would, for whatever reason, despice you. So you just keep being who you are, keep being honest. Don’t let all that negativity hold you down. Let the goodness in you overshadow all of the negative stuff. Be happy. Choose to be happy.
    I just posted a blog on similar topic (funny), visited your page and bam!! similar topics.
    Enjoy life. Everyday is a blessing.

    Samantha 🙂

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