Life…. comes with all its perks. Sometimes it gives you hand full of roses and sometimes its all about thorns. Sometimes you are surrounded with only the people who love you and sometimes, betrayal is the only thing you would come across.

Allah made it this way and the reason behind is always that, u have to feel grievances to welcome the happiness’s in the world. Until and unless you have come across with betrayal, no true relation would mean real joy and real contentment.

Once you walk down the road of anger, agony and distress, than the search for relief joy and happiness would be another thing.

What one should do is, fill your hands with so many memories of all the happiness and forget all the betrayals. Forget all the lies, unfaithfulness and fears and the next thing you would see in the world is loyalties, cheers and relations that actually mean a world to you. And these relations would surely be the one to stay with you forever.

Love … spread as much as you can.


3 thoughts on “Betrayal…

  1. Malctg - The Foureyed Poet. says:

    Hi Farifahad06. I am not a religious person nor do I take sides. To me the church is the world. There is not enough love respect or understanding. For myself I observe life and write what I feel see and hear. Thank you so much for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Writing has kept me sane and focused. Nice to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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