Scratching glitter from gold

Sometimes u try to grab things with both hands, and try to make them your fortune but during all this obsession, madness and craziness, deep down in your heart you know that this thing doesnt belong to you. This thing is someone else’s property.
We often long for things that are not ours or not meant for us. We complain the lackness of those things in our life ignoring the ones we have.
While sitting on my computer chair in office working as a writer I always look at my client services executive and think, what a nice life she has. Her going to meet people is far more easy than me writing captions, body copy and taglines for people and trying to make their campaigns look worthwhile, whereas all she has to do is go and present my work and talk about it.
For a buyer it is always easy to talk about the marvels of the building, the beauty of the structure and the neglected small details, but designing a building from scratch is way difficult than it seems.
We, as a society are not used to of getting into other person’s shoes and experience the miseries of their lives. We only keep on scratching the glitter from the gold and do not wait to see the real picture.
We do not have a heart to accept that whatever we have today is what our Destiny is. And might be the things the glories that other people have would not fit on us. They might not work for us the way they are working for others. And who knows the sacrifices behind the achievements of the people we want to be. We might are not able to pay the cost and that is why we were destined not to be there where others are.


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