Thank You Thank You Thank You Allah Pak


Though i am used to of repeating it again n again coz of the teaching of the secret and Rhonda Byrne… but … today i am saying it all from the core of my Heart, to Allah pak, Universe, My Family, Friends and everything that i have been blessed with, without any effort or prayer.

I didn’t have a topic to write on today, but then suddenly it came to my mind that, a thank you note is worth writing after getting everything that i have.

you guys would be thinking, what special she has, well, everything that a normal human being longs for, a normal girl of my age would ever ask for, i already have that.

i belonged to a good family, was born to real sweet and lovely parents who have done nothing in their lives except loving me, pampering me and full filling my needs.

I have done masters in mass communication degree that i have no idea how i got, coz i was never a hard worker, never a very good student and never the one who thought of doing masters, still i completed my masters with distinction.

Than without any effort, i got a job in an advertising agency, getting a job in Pakistan is really difficult and people say you have to do a hell lot of effort for getting a job here, but i have taken an internship program in an ad agency and when i was about to leave the agency after tow months i was asked to join them as there was a position in their company and they thought i am suitable for the company. Voilaaaaa!

Next phase, girls of my age, find it hell difficult to get married in an appropriate age and the most difficult thing is to find a suitable guy, whose job, family, siblings and habits all are reasonable. i never thought, i am good enough to get a guy who would have all areas perfect but wow… there comes a boy, who is good looking, intelligent, rich, awesome small family and with the most decent in-laws one can imagine of. Well, i am married since three years and i am still thinking, what have i done to deserve such awesome people, Certainly nothing.

Than i was only 28 years, i never thought of doing Hajj, a desire of every Muslim. People here wait all their lives to be called by Allah pak at that sacred place and most of them most of the times are not that fortunate to reach there ever, take their wish in hearts to their grave, but here, I am called to his home in such small age, i have reached there, performed hajj and became the luckiest person on earth without even asking for it.

If i look at myself and my life, i hardly can look at anything that is missing and is not given me before i have asked for it. still, i manage to find reasons to cry about, complain about as i am one thankless creature in the world, but today, i want to stop and say thanks to all the people who made my life worth living, the universe for throwing all these good things in my way even when i was asking for and complaining for the total opposites, and specially to Allah pak, who has never made me think twice that he loves me more than 70 mothers, he protected me for everything, even for the wrong reasons, even when i was committing sins, Allah kareem you were the only one who still had my back and didn’t let me pay for my sins. I am so damn Grateful to you, and i wanna tell you that life has always been extremely good to me and i seriously want to thank you for making my every breath worth living and giving me all the best things in life. I have never ever made it up to you but still you have loved me so much that i cannot even thank you enough for it. may u always remain the same for me and may i start loving you as much as you have done me and may i can make a difference in the world and spread the love, that you have showered on me on others too..


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