Wait, What you are changing for?


It is a very famous saying “that change is the only constant” and people should change with the passage of time. But, wait, think, what you are changing for… I have seen several people in my life that changed from head to toe due to some of their experiences. They have changed their entire perception about life, while they were combatting with the bad experiences of their past.

One of my friend got divorce from her husband and she decided never to trust anyone. It must be 8th year of her life and she is still alone. She built a castle around her just to avoid getting hurt.

The other friend had a break up with his boyfriend because he thought she is very polite and loving And he cannot trust her as he thinks that politeness actually meant inviting everyone. So in response, She has chosen to leave all of her friends thinking that whoever knows about her past would laugh on her, humiliate her and whenever she would see any old friend that will remind her of her past and the painful experience she had.

She was the most polite and loving person I knew, but after that experience she had started yelling on everyone. She blamed her politeness and loving nature for whatever has happened to her. She turned from sweet to soar within days.

Whenever I see her or think about her, there are several questions in my mind that I want to ask her n the whole world.

Is it ok to change your life just because one wrong thing happened to you?

Should you shut the doors of hope and happiness just because you were betrayed once?

Is it justified to lock all the doors and let yourself roam in the terrible loneliness for the rest of your life?

Is it fair enough to punish you for other’s sins?

I must have gone through the same experience several times, when people really dear to me have stabbed me in the back.

The people I have respected and helped all my life have turned their backs on me when I needed them the most.

But I have never punished myself for their faults. Coz deep down in my heart I know, it was not me who made them betray me or turn their backs on me. But it was who they really were.

I must have been hurt for some time and would have cried for some days too but later I was always very thankful to them and my dear Allah Pak, who have showed me their true colors timely. For if they had stayed for a longer period of time I would be more hurt and then the pain would have been more unbearable.

This is world, why do we expect that whoever is with us would remain with us. Whoever likes us today would like us tomorrow.

People have to come and go.

Relations start. Relations end.

One should not change his life, his teachings and his personality because others didn’t like it enough. Be the one who you are. I know there will be people who would leave you for who you are but more than that I believe there will be someone who would stay with you for who you are.

If someone in the whole wide world had the guts to hate you for your politeness, than I believe there would be someone in the world who would love you for your politeness and Allah Kareem must have made you for that someone. You should not waste your life thinking about the people who left you or who didn’t like you for some of your traits. Open your doors for their might be someone who would have asked for your traits in everyone whole his life.

Just don’t lose hope and life will give your share of happiness for sure. There is nothing in the world that can shut the doors of happiness on you. Because, the one who is writing fate can never write injustice and pain for you twice. He must have written it once to make you realize the price of the real relationship that will come your way afterwards. But have faith, he will never do that again.

Spread Love, Wait for Love.


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