Short Term Friend…. I am Not


Since I am born, I am accused to be a short term friend… a friend who would only remain friend for some days, some weeks, some months, years….. Never Happened Actually…

Well, well, well …. Let me start this blog with a confession, that I have never been a REGULAR good friend of anyone. I never was a person who can retain friendship for a long period of time. The reason that I gave to myself my whole life was… I am busy girl… I have readings to do… I have family to entertain … I have chores to finish but the truth is … I am extremely lazy to get up and give someone a call. I can stand thinking about a friend for the whole day, wanting to talk to her, throwing a message or just tagging her in my FB posts to make her realize that I was thinking about her. But I am SORRY, I am not that person. My friends used to give up on me and thought that if I am not talking to them or giving them proper calls and regular messages SO I am not worth their friendship and I do not deserve to share a space in their hearts or lives.

But here… I ought to clear the misconceptions….

I hold people dear in my heart but I cannot do these little things of this show off world to make the other person realize that … All I do in the whole day is to think about my Friends.

My heart shouts here to mention that the other side of the picture is I have never left any of my friend when they were in pain, whenever they were having a bad time I was the first person to reach out to them, hold their hands and tell them that I am here, I have your back and I will stand by you until I make sure that you got the courage to stand up on your feet again and whatever the fall back was, has lost its effects from you.

But after that, I would again become a person, the real me, who would get lost in my thoughts, even if I would be busy doing nothing and my absence will make you feel that I have forgotten you. You are no more important for me. OR I have got other better friends who seek my attention and I am gladly investing myself there… But trust me, that’s not true… no matter how many people enters my life, no matter how many spheres of my life changes with the new glowing faces, I wanna assure you my  friend… I would never forget you and nothing is going to take away the feelings I have for you, or replace a position in my heart that was consumed by you.

Because for me Friendship never meant, staying in contact 24/7, but to be a well-wisher of a person even if you never have to cross the ways again, a friend should also remain in the heart, instead of the cell phones or laptops or twitter accounts. As far as I am concerned, Even if we stop taking to each other today, and we miss decades in between, I assure you friend you will always stay there in my prayers and no matter how long distant you are from me, I would always keep on thinking about you.


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