Fathers… What a present from the Creator !


Last week… two of my friend’s parent’s died…. One’s mother and one’s father. While thinking about their agony and pain I realized that parents are the most precious thing we ever have come across.

A first present to us from our creator… Two human beings, who would always love us even when we would be the worst children… Even when the whole world hates us…. Even if whatever we do turns around to be wrong…. Even if the whole world leave us right in the middle of our all battles… The only people who won’t leave us or won’t stop praying for us would be our parents.
My parents have done so much for me during all my life that I cannot even count on my fingers. My father, being an angry one used to scold my all three siblings. He used to shout on them, beat one of them as he was naughty and was never a sort of guy he wanted his son to be. But as I was the youngest he never scolded me. He never said no to any of my needs. I remember when I was small, school going, I used to be the most rich child of my class. Whereas, my father was a poor man. He used to work in two companies and even used to pick and drop passengers while going to office and coming back from office. Yet, I was the richest student of the class. I always had more than enough money to buy food for myself and even I used to lend money to others as I always had more than what I needed.
With the time I have started growing up, I became stubborn and rude and used to misbehave, he got angry on the stuffs I was doing and some that I was not doing, he scolded me at times but he never hated me. Whenever any of my relative stood up against me, started saying bad things to me, though I was wrong and the relative was right but my father never have let any of the shit approach me. He always stayed in the middle of it and made people realize that I am not what they think, n made me realize, that their always will be one man, by my side, either I am right or wrong, either I am a sort of daughter he wanted me to be or not, but he always will be my father, the one of the sort I wanted to be. A father, who means a shelter in sunshine, an umbrella in Rain and the biggest support whenever I need.
Now, he is old, lost his strength, he has no force to fight with people, talk with the same speed that they do, think with the same intensity they think, act with the same energy they act, even than today, my father is with me.
Today when I am able to protect myself and I have got a husband who loves me more than anyone and a family who would never hurt me or never let anything happen to me, still every night, when I close my eyes, I know there is one man, one shelter and one shoulder that would always be there for me, till my last breath or his last breath and no matter, how bad I turn, no matter how rudely I behave with him and no matter, if my sins even cross the sky line, there always was, is and will remain one person, who forgive me without even asking for apology. Who would hold me and hide me in his arms without me wanting it.
My father – would always remain the same he used to be for me, even if my priorities have changed, even if I have started loving my husband more than him and even if I don’t care about him the way I used to do, coz while spending a busy day, while getting done with all the responsibilities of a married woman, I sometimes forget thinking about my father, I forget sending him good wishes, I forget asking about his health, I believe still my father loves me the most in this world. And he would never stop praying for me and thinking about me in his night and in his prayers.
May you always remain with me daddy, may I never lose the one person who would love me unconditionally always and always.


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