Have u Applied the secret on your life..



some time ago, i read a book the secret and i started applying it. As i am the biggest pessimist of the world, and after every five minutes, i go back in my “A Little Down Mode”, even than, i have realised that using “The Secret” in my life has made me a much happier person than what i was.

i remember the days that i used to spend in esxtreme pessimism, since childhood, i am a sort of a person who can never be positive about anything in the world. i am always fear ful of losing the people i have. I am always fearful of the coming bad times. during all my life i kept on thinking that lets see, what goes wrong now. nothing much have gone wrong, but still the vibrations that i gave to the universe was, something is going wrong or would go wrong sooner or later.

But thanx to the secret and rhonda byrne, now, after a long time, i have started visualizing the things to be positive in my life. now i know that, one day i will change my whole life in good things and all the areas of my life would be good.

Peace and Contentment would be the only feelings that i will have.I am praticing the magic exercises, the money magnet excercise and the special stone exrecises. and it has actually manifested so many small things in my life. one of which is happiness and contentment.

I am really thankful to the universe that it brought “the secret” on my way. and made my journey beautiful.


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