A Cartoon on Nabi Kareem Saw

A cartoon is made of Our Nabi KAreem Saw, the whole muslim world started shouting, screaming and crying. my question to all the muslims is : Have u seen Nabi Kareem Saw?

Do u know how does he look like?

Do u know if he used to wear a black amama or white?

Do u know any one of his physical Traits?

If not, than how these idiots could know, who cannot even pronounce the Beautiful Name of the Mehboob of Allah Pak? How do you think, that what they made resembles to even 0.0000001% of What Aaaqa Saw was?

How illiterate we all muslims are to accept, whatever the world is doing to us. they are tricking us in their traps and we are buying them so easily.

In my Opinion, Nabi Kareem (PBUH) is so huge a personality , A Mehboob of Allah Pak, that Allah the Almighty will protect him from all the evils himself. We are nothing and no one to protect him or his respect. i just wonder, if someone draws a tree or a mouse and says that it is your father, would i believe on it?? Would I get angry on it and would start killing him or would i laugh at him and ignore him for being such a foolish creep.

the only thing we dont understand is that this is a huge conspiract against muslims, the poeple who are behind it knows that we are emotional fools, so they are playing with our emotions and are distracting us from our real golas. We prove them right, and prove our self foolish in their eyes when we react on these issues, the more we are hyper, the more we shout out loud, the more they would repeat playing with our emotions. coz now they know what are weaknesses are. they know which card to play to make us cry, frown and scream.

the only best solution to this i guess is, Ignore, Laugh Out and Don’t even look at what they are doing to distract us… Watch, Give a smile, Pass by.

they day u do it…You yourseld would put a full stop on these stupid little petty deeds. trust me. they would scratch their heads and would cry when they wont get the attention they need.

This is not cowardness. this is what NAbi KAreem saw used to do for people like them.


4 thoughts on “A Cartoon on Nabi Kareem Saw

  1. Melody J Haislip says:

    You are so Right! It is not Muslim or Christian or Jew, it is not our religions that quarrel, it is a few evil men who have achieved power who want us to hate and fight each other. Laughter is the best weapon! We are One race – the Human race. All else is details.

    • fakhirafahad84 says:

      U r so right. All the religions are respectable. We should unite against those who want to create controversies and infact ignore the culprits as their only aim is to create a mess in the world

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