Love is in the air


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We don’t want to … 

But some doors should better be closed 
We don’t wish to … 

But some stories should remain untold
We don’t ought to … 

But some paths should be forgotten

Some roads can only lead you towards more pain. 

Some people can only hurt your more when get chance. 

Some relations can only give you more pain. 

So, today, with all my heart i close the door of disappointments and expectations,  i chose to live happily on my own, without depending on people to give me happiness and with the knowledge that i am enough for myself. I will create my happiness and only i will stand with myself in the times of need. 

I let go of all that i holded to for so long. I decide to seek love and peace and happiness within myself. Indeed, my happiness doesnt depend on anyone else. Only i am the incharge of what i feel. 


The only people who talk most about your problems and how you can get them solved and how this problem is affecting your life …. Are actually the same people who would turn their back on you and would hate you when your problem is getting solved … 

Because … 

All the time when they were talking about your problem… It was never for your good or in your sympathy… They were just enjoying talking about your misery and your emptiness… They really were having fun while looking at your face when they talked about something you didn’t have… Talking about Your problems were actually their way of making you realise that poor you… You dont have something… And now when you actually have what was destined to be yours … They will envy you the most… Coz now, they have nothing in your life to be sorry about… You have all that is needed to have a tremendous life… And that’s what have saddened them now…

Moral: don’t believe what people say infront of your face… Trya understand their hidden motives… May the people around you can never find anything in ur life to be sympathetic about… 

Love … And let love 


End of Another chapter of life

Today, i am leaving the job that i have started three years ago… My circumstances and responsibilities have made me take this step and leave a place that taught me so much.. I have spent the best days of my Life over here… 

Made friends… Had enemies… Laughters… Tears …unlimited memories…. As a last good bye i would just like to thank God for giving me this experience… I hope this journey stays in my memory here always… The people here remain my people forever… I wish i never repeat the mistakes that i made here and i take oath i will always always remember this place for all that it has given me… I was blessed to walk on these steps and i am even more blessed to be given something more bigger and better that made me leave this place… 

May i never regret my decision of leaving this place and the reward that is promised to me get to be so good that i love my decision of leaving..: 

Wish me luck… 

Live and let live… 


Unfulfilled…Reading Thirst

Lately, I am not writing anything. well i would say the reason is because i am not at all reading anything.

Its been ages since i have completed any book.

I pick one book read some of the chapters and than forget reading it alltgether.

and i actually am feeling a void in me coz my reading thirst is not being fulfilled.

please, help me and tell me how to complete a book and what is the reason behind not able to complete the book.