Gratitude- Alhamdolilaah

My two years old has just gone through a catheter ASD procedure. The procedure went successful but taught me so many things in the way.

My child is really a blessing for me. Given by God after 5 years of my marriage. Since birth she is the most cool and calm child i have ever seen. I have seen people complaining that they can’t sleep with LOs. But Anna my baby has never made me stay up any night. Since her birth she has slept through all the nights straight for 12 hours and never demanded anything except milk (bf).

She was 10 months old when we got to know that she has ASD. It was the biggest shock for me and my husband. We couldn’t believe our ears. Its been 14 months since we know and every night and every day was a nightmare for us. Out perfectly perfect child had such a huge defect.

Anyways, it took us 14 months to get us prepared to undergo a cath surgery. And finally we are over it. The surgery is done. Anna is fine and healthy and we can sleep peacefully again.

All went well. While teaching me something that we often take things for-granted. We often complain for the things we don’t have but we have never thanked for the things we have. We live in a luxurious house. We breathe in a free and fair society. We have the ultimate blessing of health and we are free to do whatever we want. These all things are not small or to be taken for granted coz in real we are privileged to have these facilities and blessings in life that are not available to most of the people in this world.

Therefore, we should realize the gifts of universe that are given to us without even asking for them. We should show our gratitude to universe and God that we enjoy life to its fullest and have almost everything that is called necessity of life.

That is why i from now on consider it my duty that i will keep on thanking God with each of my breath that is been given to me without any worries and to be blessed with good health is almost a miracle nowadays. So keep thanking god for the things you have and you will keep receiving the blessings insha Allah.

Thank you.



My father left this world on 3rd oct 2017.. i have spent million days with him… every moment makes me want to see him more.. my thoughts are so scattered .. my words are so lost..

It’s impossible to accept it still that he is no more with us.. while seeing other people’s parents die i never thought that one day i will have to lose mine… i never imagined that life would be so cruel to take away the only person i loved so much… the only person who was always always always my support…

Dad… u meant so much to me that today i feel the void left in me could never be filled even after joinning all relationships i have .. ur demise has weakened me so much that i have started accepting every defeat before even participating in the fight… coz i know u were my only motivation..: u were the only person who wanted me to win and if you are no more in this world than what is the purpose of even fighting for anything…

I miss you daddy.. i miss you so much.. i know you are all around me.. your teachings, your memories, your likes dislikes.. its all inbuilt in me.. yet i miss your presence.. yet i so badly want to see you once more… yet i so badly want to hear you once more.. yet i could never accept that u have left me and u will never come back to me ever again…

life seems so meaningless without you daddy.. your little girl still longs for the caress that always made her more strength full.. please come back daddy… i am so mature yet so immature that i want you to come back and live with me one more life.. one more childhood, one more adulthood…